Choosing the Best Products with Your Clients

Choosing the Right Products with Clients

Choosing Walker Tape Products with Your Clients (Instead of for Your Clients)


It may seem trivial at first, but this distinction here is vital. 


When you make choices with your client, it’s a consultation. In fact, the “con” part of consultation literally means “with.” But if you just choose the products for your client, then it could feel like a slightly less inviting process. Instead, working together with your clients is the difference between a consultation and a prescription. 


The following blog explores ways to keep clients with you instead of heading for the door.


The Client-Stylist Consultation


First impressions are everything. No pressure, but the first impression can be a bond-forming experience or a bond-breaking one. Between you and us, we suggest leaving any bond breaking to our shampoo and removers


To make a great first impression each time, we suggest looking at the consultation simply as a combo of two things:


  1. Knowing which questions to ask
  2. Knowing which products to then start with


Mastering this one-two combo can help you leave an incredible impression on prospective clients. Below, we go more into specific questions to consider. But for now, let’s talk about the most important part of asking questions: listening. 


In interviews with both industry pros and clients, the importance of really listening to clients comes up every time. As you ask questions, the first impression you can make is how well you listen and empathize with their situation. They can tell if you are truly finding their right fit with their input.


Prospective clients also get to see your expertise as you  learn exactly how to best offer that expertise. As they speak, you can find opportunities to display your knowledge about good products to try. This doesn’t just include tapes, adhesives, and removers, but the value of prep products and system care products too.


It’s here in the consultation where you can also teach them about the game-changing worth of alternating between at least two systems


The Patch Test


The consultation helps you and your client learn how to achieve the best bond. An essential step to this shared learning experience is the patch test. Once you and your client have explored the questions in the following section, you both can narrow down which products to test. 


The patch test is another first-impression-maker because it shows your clients how serious you are about their comfort and experience. 


  1. Place a small amount of product on an area of sensitive skin. 
  2. Cover the treated area with a bandage, and send them home. 
  3. Have them remove the bandage in 24 hours and check for a reaction. 


Is there any redness or irritation? If so, avoid using that product on that client. 


Has the bond held to the skin? If no irritation occurs and the bond holds secure, use the product with confidence.


Remember that the patch test also applies to working with hard bonds if you’re planning on using German Brown tape. While the tape shouldn’t come into contact with the skin, it’s best to test German Brown anyway. It’s our only tape that uses a natural rubber adhesive, which means that it does contain latex.


Helpful Questions to Ask as You and Your Client Talk Products


  • What does your client want in terms of desired wear time? 
    • Long term vs short term?
    • Bonding method (tape, liquid adhesive, track bonding)?


  • What is your client like?
    • Body chemistry (oily skin, dry skin, prone to sweating, etc)?
    • Skin sensitivity?
    • Lifestyle?


  • Where is your client spending their time?
    • Seasonal climate changes?
    • Average temperatures?


  • What is the best solution for your client when considering these questions?


It’s worth noting that what might be “best” doesn’t always mean strongest or longest-lasting. If your client wants whatever will hold for as long as possible, then the best in this case would be the strongest options. But if your client wants a comfortable, breathable solution to last a few days to a week? In this scenario, the strongest possible option might be overdoing it.  


Additional Resources to Help You Pick the Right Products with Your Clients




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