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Amber's Story

Learning from Clients with Hair Loss: Amber’s Story

About Amber Perkins: The Enlightening Star of Fabricating Fringe   Amber Perkins is an inspiring advocate in the hair loss community. She’s constantly at work normalizing hair loss, educating, and giving others hope....
Walker signature reviews

Walker Signature Reviews

What Do Stylists Think about Walker Signature Tape? Walker Signature Tape is the thinnest tape with a 4+ week hold on the market. It’s a new take on our Ultra Hold tape. It’s revamped formulation and...
Lace Front Thin Review Photo

Lace Front Thin Review

This past week we received this great Lace Front Thin review.  We wanted to share his thoughts on this great, but lesser known tape. “I’m a HUGE fan of the Walker 3-mil tape...