Helping Clients Choose Between Tapes, Liquid Adhesives, & Hard Bonds


The Client Consultation: Sharing Knowledge Is Key


For several first-time clients, just taking the step toward hair replacement can be daunting enough. Let alone having to choose between the different methods of hair system bonding. Whether it’s tape, liquid adhesives, or hard bonds, the give and take involved in choosing adhesive products can get intimidating. 


All three options offer short-term to long-term holds. Plus, there are different ways each method interacts with their body chemistry and lifestyle. Clients often need help here to be made aware of their options before they know what they’d prefer.


Essentially, they’re going to lean on your expertise when choosing adhesive products.


Perks of Going with Hair System Tape


Tape is the Easiest Bonding Method to Apply and Remove


We’re called Walker Tape for a reason, and it’s not because it sounds better than Walker Liquid Adhesives. We think of tape as being the best method for semi-permanent hair replacement. Yes, this is our bias, but let us reassure you: it’s not baseless.


Hair system tape is the easiest method to work with. That’s true both for you and your client’s experience in your chair. With tape, you can prepare the hair system for install before your client even arrives for the appointment. Right when they walk in, they have a hair system immediately ready for install.


This perk makes for satisfied clients. It shows them that you have their comfort and needs covered. Plus, it gets them in and out much faster than working with liquid adhesives and hard bonds. 


Tape gives your client the easiest experience in your salon. There’s no track trimming necessary or waiting on coats of liquid adhesives to dry. Tape also stays put without the chance of its adhesive running where it shouldn’t.


Tape Exposes Your Clients to Fewer Chemicals than Liquid Adhesives


The chemicals used to make the adhesives on tapes get flashed off during their creation process. So, if you have clients concerned about the amount of chemicals that are exposed to their skin, tape is the way to go. Also, for clients especially concerned about skin reactions, we have several hypoallergenic tape options for you to offer them.


Tape Offers Your Client a Breathable, Comfortable Wear


When it comes to claims of what might be more comfortable, we start to get much more subjective. Comfort opinions vary with each client. But since tape is meant to only go along the perimeter of the hair system, it could be argued that it offers a breathable wear. This means there’s less adhesive and product on your client’s skin in comparison to liquid adhesives. We even make tape such as Extenda-Bond Plus with breathable holes in it already. 


Your clients may also find tape to offer a less rigid hold to their heads than hard bonds.


Perks of Going with Hair System Liquid Adhesives


Liquid Adhesives Are Great Options for Long-Lasting Wear


All that said, we still like to stay open-minded at Walker Tape. Even though tape is our favorite, we acknowledge there’s give and take with every method, and liquid adhesives have their strong points too.


We’re unique in the hair replacement world because we have tapes that last every bit as long as liquid adhesives. Generally speaking, liquid adhesives are seen as a longer-lasting choice. They could potentially hold for longer in certain circumstances and on some clients because you cover more of their scalp with adhesive. The more surface area the adhesive covers, the stronger the bond will likely be. 


Liquid Adhesives Offer a Comfortable Wear Experience


When choosing adhesive products, we arrive back to the question of comfort. Your client could find liquid adhesives as a more comfortable wear. This is due to the increased bonded surface area, so the system wears without tugging or a worry of looseness. 


Also, the liquid aspect of liquid adhesives helps them conform completely to your client’s scalp shape.


Liquid Adhesives Offer a Very Low Profile for a Natural Look


Squeezing in a bit more of our bias toward tape, let us mention quickly that our tape is incredibly thin and natural-looking as well. That plug made, liquid adhesives are even thinner. If your client wants the lowest profile achievable, they may prefer a liquid adhesive option.


Perks of Track Bonding with Hard Bond Adhesives


Hard Bonds Offer the Strongest, Longest-Lasting Method of the Bunch


The hold of a hard bond keeps growing stronger and stronger over time. In fact, hard bonds will hold indefinitely, but they should be removed as the hair they’re attached to grows out. This varies between client to client between three to five weeks. Since the hard bonds hold to the hair itself, the system can start to feel loose on the head.


Hard Bonds Stick to Impossible-to-Stick-to Clients


Have clients with stubbornly tricky skin to stick to? This could be due to oily skin, heavy perspiration, exceptionally active lifestyles, especially humid or extreme climates, etc. If so, then track bonding with hard bonds might be your client’s best option. It will stick to those who are normally unstickable.


Make sure to remind your clients that hard bonds do hold a bit more rigidly than other methods. If your client tries hard bonds but wants a bit more give, they may want to go with tapes or liquid adhesives.


Hard Bonds Offer Your Clients a Choice Where Product Does Not Touch Their Skin


For clients preoccupied with prolonged contact of product to their skin, hard bonds provide an answer. Since they adhere to the hair, hard bond products touch only the hair stubble when fusing with the tape on the system.


That said, several hard bonds out there tend to flake and then cause discomfort to the client. For that reason, you want to go with Walker Tape hard bonds that are formulated to flake the least amount possible, ensuring your clients the most comfortable hold possible.


Choosing adhesive products - Helping Clients Choose Between Tapes, Liquid Adhesives, & Hard Bonds


Choosing adhesive products can be tough. Regardless of what works best for your client, we have you covered with quality products for any of these methods. Become a wholesale customer today, and enjoy the best prices on all Walker Tape products.



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