Achieve the Beautify Bond with Your New Tape-in Extension Clients

Beautify Bond

Welcome to the Beautify Bond


At Beautify, we’ve created all our hair extension tapes to consistently hold for four to six weeks. Of course, though, each of your clients have unique hair with their own lifestyles in various climates. These differences may be subtle, but they’re enough to account for the fact that there is not really a one-size-fits-all tape you can use on every client. 


Applying extensions on new clients using the Beautify Bond helps secure your and your client’s success even more. The Beautify Bond is the method of using our tapes to maximize their performance.


Benefits of the Beautify Bond on New Clients


  • Builds a strong bond between you and your client
  • Builds the strongest bond between tape and your client’s hair


Following the below steps of the Beautify Bond helps you ensure a great relationship with your clients. This is because it can lead to fewer extensions falling out and in need of emergency, last-minute appointments. 


Your clients receive the most value out of their tape-in extensions, and you receive another satisfied client returning time and time again to your chair.


Building the Bond with New Clients


Helping Your Client Choose the Right Tape in the Consultation 


If the beauty industry knows one thing, it’s the power of first impressions. When you sit down with a new client for the first time, you get the chance to learn a lot about them that can help you determine the best tape for the extensions. 


You can learn about the type of hair they have, how oily or dry it tends to be. You can also learn about their lifestyles, what they do and where they like to go. By asking these questions, you clients also see firsthand how thoroughly dedicated you are to making sure what they want works out. 


Preparing Your Client for their Tape-In Extension Install


  • Wear gloves to protect your hands and to protect the tape’s adhesive.
  • Wash your client’s hair using Extension Prep Shampoo.


When it comes right down to it, tape sticks to whatever is on the top of a surface. This is why we urge you to wear gloves when handling our tapes and to try to touch as little of their adhesives as possible. If the oils or skin cells from your hands end up in your client’s hair or on the tape’s adhesive, then that can weaken the tape’s hold to your client’s hair.


For this same reason, we also urge you to wash your client’s hair when they arrive for the appointment with Extension Prep Shampoo. A lot of daily, at-home shampoos and other bathroom hair products leave residues on hair. 


In preparing for their day, your client may unknowingly have layers of hair product on their head. The tape will be left with this temporary layer of product residue to stick to, which will spell ruin for the bond. Instead, you want the tape holding strong right to the hair itself. Our Extension Prep Shampoo washes your client’s hair of all other hair product residues so you know that they’re ready for the tape-in extensions.


Installing the Tape-In Extensions


  • Remove the tape liner from extension, doing your best to avoid touching the adhesive.
  • Press the tape-in extensions to the hair near the roots.
  • Lift the hair attached to the extension’s tape.
  • Press another tape-in extension to the other side, sandwiching your client’s bio hair between extensions.
  • Apply one second of heat to the tape with a flat iron.
  • Style the hair.
  • Spray extensions, well below the tape, with Leave-In Conditioner.


Following these above steps is essential to achieving the best results. If you can avoid touching the adhesive on the tape, then the extension stands that much better of a chance to hold strong. 


Plus, sandwiching your client’s bio hair between extensions gives them a natural look. The extensions themselves are now self-concealing their taped wefts. Consider it the tape-in industry’s buddy system for nailing the most natural appearance in the hair.


When you apply a quick, one second of heat to the tape, you activate the tape to start bonding even faster than it already would have. This tip helps you know that you’re sending them out of your salon with the strongest possible holds.


Then, our Leave-In Conditioner is amazing for keeping that fresh dazzle and shine to your client’s hair. Since it does contain silicone ingredients though, make sure to only apply it well below where the tape is bonded to the hair. Silicone is incredibly tricky to stick to. So, if silicone ingredients got between your tape bonds, it could increase the likelihood of some slippage.


Sending Your Clients Home with These Vital Tips


  • Wait at least 48 hours before washing hair.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners.
  • Avoid using conditioner close to the tape bond.
  • Hold the tape bond securely to the head while brushing.
  • Brush at the tips and work slowly up the hair.
  • Sleep with hair in a loose ponytail. 


All of these tips have one purpose: maintaining the strongest bond possible. 


Tape takes time to build up to its full hold strength. After 48 hours, a tape’s bond is somewhere between 90% and 100% of its full strength. At this point, it should be safe for your clients to wash their hair. Before then, though, and they run the risk of weighing down the hair when the tape is still trying to form a strong bond.


Keep your clients aware of the effects of hair products that have sulfates. These chemicals can actually turn a tape’s adhesive into a liquid. A tape-in extension with the adhesive turned to liquid cannot hold for long.


As mentioned above, since conditioners contain silicones, make sure your client knows to keep those slippery chemicals away from the taped part of the extension. Instead, use the conditioner toward the length of the hair.


To avoid unnecessary stress from tugging, show your clients how to brush their hair and how to sleep at night. We suggest brushing by holding the extensions to the head and starting at the ends and working up the hair. As for a good night’s rest for both your client and their tape-ins, we encourage sleeping in a loose ponytail.



Beautify Bond



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