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Tape’s half our name and all our passion at Walker Tape. 


Included in that passion is a 35-year-focus on making certain you can offer your clients the exact tape they need. Combining innovation and great feedback from you over the years, our array of tapes keeps expanding. 


So, we’ve put together the following overview to all our tapes. Since there’s plenty of info below, we’ve done our best to present it in a clear, helpful way. That said, if you have any questions, always feel free to email or call us


Our Long-Term Bond with Tape


Before our founder, Brent Bonham, invented tape-making machines that revolutionized the industry, he enjoyed a decades-long career in hair replacement. There was one thing about the business that he enjoyed a bit less though, and that was the tape. 


At the time, there were only a couple companies he could order tape from. The few that were around seemed to struggle providing a consistent product. Shipping times would be anyone’s best guess, sometimes taking months. The service he received felt like a neglectful shrug, and the quality became a source of anxiety. 


Long story short, tapes would arrive in inconsistent sizes and with their adhesives often compromised. 


All this sent Brent tinkering away in his basement, building machines unlike anything else out there. The machines produced tape of consistent high quality. “Produced tape” may be an understatement. His machines pumped out tapes 28x more efficiently than other machines then in existence. 


His inventions allowed him to found Walker Tape on reliably high-quality tape at the best price with the bold shipping guarantees we still have today. Our roots, the core of who we are, can be traced back to innovative tape making. 


Our Long-Term Bond with You


We’re determined to provide you with the best product at the fairest price with the most sincere service. Our hope is that every tape we make embodies these principles too. We understand that your relationship with clients rests on the performance of our tapes. 


Our line of hair replacement tapes are designed with you in mind. Most come in various sized rolls, contours, super wides, straight strips, and minis. All these options give you the chance to use whatever install and removal methods you find most comfortable. 


Plus, if you’d like tape outside our standard widths and lengths, we can happily create custom sizes just for your salon. 


We offer an array of 18 double-sided hair tapes for you to choose from to match the unique needs of each client. All are skin safe, including several that are hypoallergenic and even medical grade for clients with sensitive skin. As detailed below, we only have one tape (German Brown) made with latex. Our other 17 choices are acrylic-based and latex-free. 


Each of our tapes is unique and varies by important markers such as hold strength and dullness. To make product comparisons quick and easy, our 2020 catalog includes a tape ratings guide. If you’ve yet to become an exclusive wholesale customer, you can sign up today to receive your own 2020 catalog.  


How Do Our Hair Tapes Work?


While strong enough for immediate results, a tape’s adhesive requires some time for its bond to reach full strength. For this reason, we suggest you remind clients to wait 24 hours before showering, swimming, or working out. 


If you’d like to offer your clients the ability to skip the 24-hour wait, use Max Hold Sport. It’s both a tape primer and a protective barrier against irritation. As a primer, Max Hold Sport improves hold times of the tape and frees your clients to go swim, shower, and work out immediately after install.


General Directions


These instructions work for all our tapes except for those with special directions that we include below.


  1. Peel the scored liner on strips and contours (peel and cut the desired length if using rolls).
  2. Carefully avoid touching the adhesive, and place tape onto the system where you want it.
  3. Remove the remaining liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.


Pro Tip: Use Just-Rite Positioning Spray on the tape right before installing the system onto your client. This gives you the freedom to make adjustments and to achieve that “just right” placement. 


Walker Tape’s Selection of Tapes


Daily Wear Hair System Tape 


Our three Daily Wear options hold strong for one to seven days. They’re also all hypoallergenic and remove cleanly and quickly, requiring hardly any cleanup. While 1522 Clear is on the shinier side and best kept for poly systems, both This Side to Base and Natural Hold work great for all system types. 


  • 1522 Clear stands as our most popular Daily Wear option with medical grade gentleness.
  • This Side to Base offers the cleanest removal and most invisible hold of our Daily Wear tapes. 
  • Natural Hold gives you the longest-lasting performance of our Daily Wear options.


This Side to Base Directions


  1. Remove the text-printed liner.
  2. Carefully avoid touching the adhesive, and place tape onto the system.
  3. Remove the white scored liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.


Extended Wear Hair System Tape


You can count on one-to-two-week holds with our five Extended Wear tapes. Our Lace Front Thin works great for all system types, while the others are best kept for poly systems since they have a bit of shine. 


  • Sensi-Tak is our Extended Wear bestseller, beloved for its clean removal.
  • Super Stick is best known for its high initial hold strength.
  • German Brown is our one natural-rubber-based tape and is an industry standard for its amazing hold to hard bond adhesives.
  • Lace Front Thin gives your clients the most natural-looking hairline achievable of all our tapes.


Sensi-Tak and Walker Signature Sensi-Tak Select Directions


  • Peel the white liner on strips and contours (peel and cut the desired length if using rolls).
  • Carefully avoid touching the adhesive, and place tape onto the system.
  • Remove the red liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.


Maximum Wear Hair System Tape


Our nine Maximum Wear tapes offer a range of hold times between two to four weeks. With a few of them even lasting longer. Our Pro Flex II has some shine to it, so we recommend keeping that tape for clients with poly systems. But all the rest of these are great choices for all system types. 


  • Lace Front is our Maximum Wear bestseller, famous for its dullness and reliable hold. 
  • No-Shine is virtually invisible under the system and our strongest hypoallergenic tape.
  • Duo-Tac uses two different adhesives, with one side ideal for mesh systems and the other side for poly systems. 
  • Duo-Tac Thin offers you a thinner Duo-Tac for a more natural look and feel.
  • Ultra Hold Tape is one of the strongest tapes in the industry.
  • Extenda-Bond Plus has swiss-cheese-like holes that make it one of the most breathable and longest-lasting options for your clients.
  • Extenda-Bond is another breathable classic, once the standard before we introduced Extenda-Bond Plus.
  • Pro-Flex II is the longest-lasting medical grade tape that we’ve ever seen.
  • Walker Signature Tape is the thinnest Maximum Wear tape on the market that reliably lasts four weeks. 


Duo-Tac and Duo-Tac Thin Directions


Rest assured, we provide these instructions on the tape liner for quick and easy reference.


  1. On poly bases 
    1. Peel the red scored liner, and carefully place the tape onto the system without touching the adhesive. 
    2. Remove the text-printed liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.
  2. On mesh bases
    1. Peel the text-printed liner, and carefully place the tape onto the system without touching the adhesive. 
    2. Remove the red scored liner, and apply to your client’s scalp.


Shelf Life & Proper Storage


With the following storage suggestions, all our tapes should last one year after purchase. 


Storage Tips


  • Store at a consistent room temperature: 64°F -72°F / 18°C-22°C.
  • At the very least, keep tapes in temperatures below 90°F.
  • Also, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.
  • Protect their adhesive by storing them in original packaging or in your salon’s own sealable containers.


Walker Tape's Tapes Overview


  1. Kim J on September 18, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    what kind of adehsive is on the lace front tape?

    • Emily Nikolaisen on September 23, 2020 at 11:33 am

      Hi Kim! The adhesive on Lace Front tape is a hypoallergenic acrylic-based adhesive. I hope this helps you and please contact us if you have any further questions!

  2. Jonathan Bermudez on May 19, 2022 at 10:50 pm

    Which remover is best recommended for removing lace front tape adhesive?

  3. FARAAruba on April 20, 2023 at 5:30 am

    Hello whick the best tape for people in sports and beach weather and also to remove the tape easier 👍

    • Trey Pasch on April 24, 2023 at 10:48 am

      Hello! For summer and beach weather, we recommend Sensi-Tak Select as it is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and has low residue. To remove these tapes, we recommend our Lace Release or Action. These options are gentle when it comes to removing systems, are safe on skin, and evaporate without the need for heavy cleanup.

      We’d also suggest using Max Hold Sport, which is our best scalp protector for hot and humid temperatures. It will help the tape hold longer, and protect your client’s scalp from irritation.

      We hope this helps. Happy Monday!

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