Beautify Extension Tapes Overview


Beautify’s Bond to Stylists Working with Tape-In Extensions


Ever since extension tapes took off in 2007, we’ve been thrilled these last 13 years to supply you the tape to do the job. (Can you believe 2007 was 13 years ago? How?)


Putting time’s swift march aside for now, let’s talk Beautify tape. 


We’ve created a dynamic lineup of eight options specifically with you, the stylist, in mind. Their top quality supports your professional reputation and helps keep your clientele coming back for more. Here are a few perks:


  • Reliably strong holds for four to six weeks
  • Latex-free, acrylic-based adhesive
  • Hair and skin safe
  • Comfy


Our selection includes game changers like Duo-Pro, the first tape ever made just for extensions, that offers you the easiest cleanup on the market. Plus, we’ve developed Single-Sided Natural Hold with a tab that you can install without having the tape curl up on itself. 


At Beautify, whenever we put the lab coats on, you can count on all our innovations being stylist-centered. 


General Directions


The following instructions work for six of our tapes. You can find directions for Duo-Pro and Single-Sided Natural Hold below.


  1. Peel the tape off the liner, and place onto the extension, being extra careful to avoid touching the adhesive.
  2. Remove the remaining liner, and press to your client’s hair.


Why Remove Extension Tapes Within Six Weeks?


Allow us to wear the chemist pants for a second. 


A tape’s adhesive bond gets stronger and stronger over time. For example, this is why it’s so important for your clients to wait 48 hours before washing their hair. After two days, the tape’s bond has grown strong enough to handle the harsh conditions of a shower. 


This increasing tape strength is great for your clients because they can rely on the tape-ins to last for weeks. That said, we always recommend that you remove your clients’ extensions within six weeks. After that, the bond strength can make the extension pretty challenging to remove. 


This is especially true for Pro-Flex II. It becomes exceptionally tricky to remove after six weeks. So tricky, in fact, you may find yourself having to cut your client’s hair if they try to go over six weeks and longer. That’s why we repeat ourselves below when talking about Pro-Flex II (spoiler).


Our Entire Line of Tapes


Single-Sided Hair Extension Tape


Single-sided extension tape is a dream come true for your clients with fine hair, brittle hair, or front extensions. Plus, it’s a good to have in the back pocket for clients with simple comfort needs. Basically, if you’ve got clients with hair prone to breakage, you’re going to want to have our Single-Sided Natural Hold at the ready.



Single-Sided Natural Hold Directions


  1. First, install an extension to your client’s hair.
  2. Then, remove the tape’s liner, and apply Single-Sided Natural Hold so it sandwiches your client’s hair between the extension and the tape.  


Strong Hair Extension Tape 


Our two “Strong” hair tapes are excellent choices for any hair type and for all extension wefts up to one centimeter by 4 centimeters wide. 


  • Lace Front is a very comfortable, hypoallergenic tape that’s quick to breakdown during cleanup. 
  • Natural Hold offers our cleanest removal of our “Strong” options.


Stronger Hair Extension Tape


Now, our two “Stronger” options work great for any hair and extension type out there. Plus, they also happen to include the industry’s strongest medical grade tape and first ever tape made just for hair extensions. But you know . . . no biggie! 


But seriously, though, remember to remove Pro-Flex II within six weeks. Yes, it’s that strong!


  • Duo-Pro is the first tape made exclusively for extensions and offers the quickest cleanup on the market.
  • Pro-Flex II is very comfortable and offers the industry’s strongest medical grade tape. 


Duo-Pro Directions


  1. Peel the tape tab off the sheet (or off the roll), and place it onto the extension weft, remembering to carefully avoid touching the adhesive.
  2. Remove the remaining liner, and install to the hair.


Strongest Hair Extension Tape


We’ve saved our “Strongest” for last. These two hair tapes work wonders with all hair types and extensions. 


  • No Shine is our most popular tape, known for its strong, comfortable hold.
  • Ultra Hold is very comfortable and very strong, the best choice for extensions on the larger, heavier side. 


Shelf Life & Proper Storage


Here’s one final plus to working with Beautify for your tape-in extensions. Our tapes can easily last up to a year just chilling in your salon. That is, of course, following these storage guidelines:


  • Store them at a consistent room temperature: 64°F -72°F / 18°C-22°C.
  • It’s especially important to keep them in conditions below 90°F.
  • Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight 
  • Store them in your salon’s sealable container or in their original packaging 


Beautify extension tapes overview


Is your salon’s tape stash in need of replenishing? Quickly find the tapes your clients love, and we’ll quickly get them to you!



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