Short Term Holds for Special Occasions

short term hold

Sometimes, your clients only need short term holds. If your client is hoping to have lush hair for their next big event, these Beautify products can be the best options for an easy install with an envy-worthy final result.


Depending on your client’s needs, tape-in extensions can be a better option than clip-ins because they offer a stronger, and more secure, hold. They qualify as a semi-permanent type of extension and can last from four to six weeks. However,  they’ll remove easily before that time if needed for shorter holds without damaging your client’s bio hair.


Quick Installation & Easy Removal


Tape-ins are quick and easy to install on your clients. They can be perfect for installing at the start of an appointment, so that you can wrap up the appointment with a style or updo for a special event. They’re easier to remove and are less damaging than other extension types.


Since they’re considered semi-permanent, they offer a perfect medium hold between clip-ins and bonded extensions. Because of this medium level hold, they can be a perfect option depending on the reason why your client wants extensions.


Beautify No Shine Extension Photo

Other extension types with longer hold times have a few flaws that can make them a pretty unattractive option.


  • Micro bead extensions can cause hair breakage. This is due to the heat damage from applying the metal rings that hold them in place. The heat that’s applied can reflect onto the hair and cause it to burn and break.


  • Weaves can be a goo
    d option for some clients, but aren’t a great choice for fine hair. If applied too tight, weaves can put strain on your client’s scalp and can feel really heavy.


  • Pre-bonded, or fusion, extensions can be one of the most damaging types because of the application method. This type of extension is bonded to natural hair using different adhesives, such as glue and keratin. The application process can also be really time consuming and can take four or more hours to complete.


Photoshootshair extensions for photoshoots


Tape-ins are a quick option to install, which means that it will take less time for models to get ready for a shoot. For this type of application, we recommend Natural Hold. It’s a low residue tape that’s great for a secure hold and a cleaner removal.


If installed properly by a professional stylist, they can be removed immediately after an install with the right solvents or removers. The top three removers that we love using are No Trace, Extension Release, and C-22 Solvent. We love No Trace because it evaporates without further cleanup. It’s an alcohol-based remover that works like an oil-based solvent and cuts through bonds fast.


For a fast takedown, we recommend Extension Release. It’s our first and most popular remover. Another great option is C-22 Solvent. It’s a fast way to remove extension, but it does leave a residue behind.


School Dances & Prom


Tape-in extensions can be installed a little while before, or right before, the dance. This is great for clients who choose to schedule their beauty appointments a few days before the dance. Lace Front can be a great choice for clients who are in high school because it’s strong and hypoallergenic. It’s easy to install and remove.



For a beautiful and easy to recreate updo, check out this step by step hair tutorial.




Tape-in extensions are great for creating quick volume and adding length for intricate wedding day styles. For this type of application, we recommend two tapes: Single-Sided Natural Hold and Lace Front.


Single-Sided Natural Hold is great for placing extensions towards the front. It works with fine hair that’s less dense towards the hairline. Lace Front is an ideal option for the rest of the head. It has a reliable and comfortable hold.


Using tape-in extensions can be little to no extra maintenance for your clients during this busy time in their lives. They can take your clients from their wedding day to their honeymoon easily, with just a bit of upkeep. For our best care tips, check out this blog post. Your clients can remove them four to six weeks after having them installed once they get back from their fun newlywed travels.


We’ve shared our favorite short term hold applications, but we’d love to know yours! Let us know by tagging us on Instagram (@beautifyhairextensiontape), or by using #beautifybeauties. If you’re not yet, remember to become a wholesale customer today!


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