Why Partner with Walker Tape®?

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Why partner with Walker Tape®?


There’s a vast, vast, sea of hair system product wholesalers and distributors out in the big blue world. Some offer one set of benefits, while another company offers others. It can be hard to choose.

So, why partner with Walker Tape®?


Well, there are a lot of reasons, starting with:


Quality Assurance


Your business depends on the quality of the products and services that you offer your clients and customers. If you offer great quality, then you’ll create happy customers and more revenue. Offering high quality begins with using high quality products, and that’s where Walker Tape® shines!


Not only does Walker Tape® sell high quality products at an affordable price point, but we also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the product, or it’s not working as intended, simply send it back to us and we’ll refund you.


We also take your feedback and concerns seriously, working quickly to see what the problem may be and how we can fix it to ensure it does not happen for future users.





You should be able to rely on your wholesaler to provide and fulfill your supply needs on time, correctly, and with the same quality and consistency in the products that you buy. It’s the foundation of a good relationship.


And Walker Tape® consistently strives to achieve all three!


We work diligently to get packages packed and shipped out on time, thanks to our speedy shipping team. For orders under $1,000 USD, we give free shipping if we don’t get it out within the next business day (when placed before 12 PM MST).


Quality assurance is provided for both our products and our shipping, and we strive to ensure that we have ample stock to supply your needs.



Customization Options


Sometimes, depending on your niche or your customers, the need arises for a specially cut or customized tape product. That means finding a wholesaler who offers the capacity to do so.


To meet the needs of all of our customers, Walker Tape® has the capability to customize our tape product to any size, shape, or length you require. Using unique machine capabilities, die cuts and a variety of other tools, we’re able to convert our products to meet your requests.


Simply get in touch with our Customer Service team, and they’ll help guide you to getting a customized order.



Good Communication


Clear and timely communication between you and your wholesaler is crucial to the overall success of a business relationship, and we’ve made that a core benefit of our business.


Our excellent Customer Service team is available from 8AM – 4PM MST Monday-Friday to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your order, general questions, product, and more with in-depth and detailed answers.


If you’re in a hurry, we also offer a no-hassle contact form that gets your request to a team member in minutes.



Ease of Doing Business


Time is money! And time can’t be wasted haggling and struggling with non-descript websites or answering machines.


At Walker Tape®, we want the entire customer experience and ordering process to be as simple as possible for our clients. That’s why we’ve implemented quite a few techniques and tools for our audience:


  1. Quick & Simple Ordering: Find, order, and buy your products in just three clicks! Or, use our “Quick Order” option to place your order even faster.


  1. Rapid Reorder: Are you placing the same order as your last purchase? Your customer portal remembers your previous order, that you can reorder in minutes.


  1. Streamlined Customer Service Support: Have questions or need help between the hours of 8 AM – 4 PM MST? With our new contact form, you can contact our Customer Support reps faster than ever before.


  1. More Informative Tools & Resources:  Everything you need for the most convenient online shopping experience. Streamlined payment options, optimal size guides, new & improved resources, and more!




The above factors are what to look for in a distributor, to best meet your needs. If you have any questions about the content, or Walker Tape®, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at [email protected], or by phone at 1.800.759.5150.

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