Taking Care of Your Scalp

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 Taking care of your scalp.


The scalp is the epicenter for all things hair systems. It is responsible for holding and bonding the adhesive, keeping the system in place, and the overall success of the wear experience. That is why it so important to take good care of your scalp.


Below are some tips from Walker Tape® to help with taking care of your scalp!


Wash, Exfoliate, & Moisturize Your Scalp & System Often


Build-up is common theme for all hair system wearers. Whether that be dirt, sweat, adhesive, or hair products – a lot of gunk piles up during the wear span.


If left unchecked, and uncleaned, this buildup can be bad for your scalp. Odors, irritations, and allergies are just a few of the issues that can arise from the mountain of buildup.


That’s why we recommend washing and moisturizing your scalp often, especially between wears. Be sure to wash and moisturize with:


  • Bond Breaker Shampoo: Use only before installation. Bond Breaker helps to wash out residual stickiness and buildup, scrub the skin and system, and get a full clean.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: Leave-In helps to defrizz, detangle, moisturize, and revitalize natural/bio hair systems.
  • Exfoliating the scalp in between installs, or weekly if possible.


All of these steps can do wonders in keeping your scalp health in the best condition.



Use a Scalp Protector


The scalp goes through a lot when it comes to the hair system experience – placing and attaching adhesives, removing, potential lack of breathability from the system, etc. It can be hard on the skin, which is why we recommend applying a scalp protector before installation.


Scalp protectors (such as Walker Scalp Protector or Max Hold Sport) serve to . . . protect the scalp!


They provide a thin, clear layer of protection that defends the scalp against: irritation & reactions, sweat, heat, humidity, water, and oily skin. Scalp protectors even help boost adhesive hold, providing a clean surface to stick to!


In short, scalp protectors are key to good scalp care and health when wearing a hair system. Along with being crucial to achieving the best bond possible for your system.


Use a Quality Remover


we’ve covered in-depth what the consequences of residue buildup & leftover debris can be on your scalp and your hair system when left unchecked. And while we’ve provided a few solutions for cleaning, there is one more that is crucial: a good remover.


Choosing and using a quality adhesive remover is going to make a night-and-day difference when it comes to removing adhesives and getting your scalp cleansed.


A remover like Walker’s C-22 or Action Solvent is going to be the best in completely and quickly removing adhesives from both scalp and system. C-22 is our fastest remover, working to break down adhesives in just minutes, and is good for sensitive skin. Action is our all-around oil-based remover that works efficiently.


Plus, they both come with a refreshing citrus fragrance!



Let your Scalp get some Fresh Air


Adhesives and hair systems – especially the base type of unit – can be a lot for your scalp to handle over days or weeks of wear. That can be heat, sweat, slight suffocation, buildup of oils, etc.


That’s why we recommend letting your scalp breathe in between installs, to rest and relax before the next round. Or, if you’re running into any of these issues, a daily wear tape may help with breathability.


Letting your scalp breathe will help the skin recover from any factors listed above, while giving you the opportunity to clean up and prepare for the next installation without a hassle.


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For more amazing information on scalp care (and hair systems in general!) make sure to keep up with all of our content here, and on social media. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our Customer Service at [email protected], or by phone at 1.800.759.5150.

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