Fixing Issues with Your Hairline

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Fixing issues with your hairline.


One of the more ubiquitous problems that pop-up for stylists and wearers is issues with the hairline. Since the hairline sits at the front edge of the head, facing the brunt of the environment, certain issues become an all-too-common battle for wearers.


In this blog, we’ll address a few of the most common hairline issues to occur, and how to fix them. Starting with:


Issue #1: Hairline Lift.


Possibly the most common hair system hairline issue, and possibly the most frustrating for wearers everywhere: the dreaded lifting. After careful placement and dabs of adhesive, only for the edge of the system to start lifting from the scalp just days later.


Lifting can happen for a number of reasons: hot weather melting the adhesive, not enough adhesive on the hairline, not waiting for the adhesive to fully bond, etc. But how do you deal with these issues? There are a few ways:


  • If you notice lift on your hairline, apply a touch-up adhesive (such as Walker Tape®’s mighty Mity-Tite adhesive for touch ups), to your hairline reseal and strengthen that bond.
  • Apply a scalp protector. Scalp protectors serve to help boost the adhesive’s hold, while also providing a clean and pristine surface for the adhesive to stick to.
  • Wait at least 24 hours to workout, swim, etc., after your install. This allows the adhesive fully bond to your scalp. A full-strength bond will do wonders for preventing hairline lift.



Issue #2: Preventing Shine.


As many know, preventing shine applies to the entire process of hair system installation, not just at the hairline. But preventing shine at the hairline is the first wave of defense, as that’s what most will encounter first.


There is a plethora of ways to prevent shine on your hairline:


  • Use a dull tape: Hair system tapes like No-Shine or Lace Front Thin work to give you the most natural looking hairline possible, with no shine.
  • Use a liquid adhesive: If tapes are not your go-to for attaching your system, liquid adhesives also do a fantastic job in preventing shine. Thinner than your average tape & clear when dry, liquid adhesives (such as Ultra Hold or Great White) can be your hairline’s best friend.
  • Use an antishine powder: There are plenty of hair system powders that are specifically designed to help eliminate shine from the front of the hairline.
  • Achieve the best bond: Ideal placement of the adhesive on both scalp and system, along with recommended bonding practices, can help eliminate shine right from the get-go.



Issue #3: Lining up the Unit.


Precise placement of the hair system on the scalp is the most important factor in the entire installation. The unit is not a hat, where it can be flipped to the left or the right or worn backwards.


Too far forward or too far backwards, the hairline is not going to look natural to the shape and lining of the head. But placing it just right is like the finishing touches on a signature dish. This is why going to your stylist for installation is a needed benefit, as they have the experience to help get the correct placement.


Walker Tape® also offers a placement solution with our Just-Rite Positioning Spray. Just-Rite helps to delay the bond of the adhesive, allowing for placement adjustments and corrections in order to get the system onto the scalp as best as possible.


Issue #4: Maintaining an Exposed Hairline.


An “exposed hairline” is where the style or cut of the hair itself does not cover/protect the hairline, leaving it “exposed”. It allows for more freedom of style but can also be a tad harder to maintain the hairline.


Luckily, Walker Tape® has some tips to help you keep & maintain an exposed hairline:


  • Touch-up when needed: Just like with hair system lift, being sure to regularly touch-up the adhesive on your hairline will help to keep it looking its best.
  • Clean the hairline often: Lightly dab the hairline with a cotton ball or swab of alcohol to help get rid of any dirt, oils, or buildup that may be gathering around it. This can help prevent further issues.
  • Apply a thin tape: Thinner tapes, such as Lace Front Thin or 1522 Clear, sit well on the system help to give the hairline a more natural look, helping to maintain the exposed style.
  • Take care of your unit: As systems wear out and age, issues like frizz and tangles can begin to arise and cause some havoc for hairlines. Taking care of your system – from using Leave-In Conditioner to Bond Breaker Shampoo to Top-Loc Knot Sealer – can help keep your system in tip-top shape and prevent these issues.


It is also helpful to talk these issues over with your stylist, as they have the experience, training, and knowledge needed to help you overcome all of the hairline problems listed above. They could also offer solutions that weren’t offered here!


We know how important an invisible and all-natural hairline can be. That’s why starting with fixing these issues with your hairline is so beneficial. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at [email protected], or by phone at 1.800.759.5150.

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