Preparing Your Client for Tape-In Hair Extensions


Preparing Your Client’s Hair for Tape-Ins: The First and Most Important Step in Achieving the Beautify Bond


To begin talking about preparing your client’s hair for tape-ins, we need a good rhyme. Rhymes seem to stick easily in our minds. So, here’s a simple tape-in ditty to take away from this blog post: the most essential step is Extension Prep! 


Prep makes or breaks the bond you and your client are after. For example, we’ve introduced the Beautify Bond as The Method to achieving the best results while using our products to help strengthen your stylist-client bond. It’s no accident that the Beautify Bond starts with the prep work.


To understand why we put so much make-or-break weight on this step, we invite you to think like a tape scientist. (That’s a totally normal and easy request to make, right?)


By that, we just mean to invite you to simply think about tape sticking to whatever is on the outside of your client’s hair. There could be oils, other products, dirt, dust, gum, a nesting house parrot – you name it. 


Whatever is on the outside of your client’s hair, that is what the tape is going to stick to. If there’s dust, dandruff, oils, other product, then our tapes become more like skinny little lint rollers and can have a lot shorter hold times. 


Our entire goal with this blog is to help make sure you’re using our tape to stick to your client’s hair and only their hair.


Using Extension Prep Shampoo


Back to the rhyme! The most essential step is Extension Prep.


We’ve made this shampoo to clarify your client’s hair of anything and everything that could mess with a tape’s hold. So, using Extension Prep Shampoo is your way of making sure that you’re taping directly to your client’s hair.


We highly encourage you to wash their hair with Extension Prep Shampoo when they arrive for their  extension install appointments. If their appointment is to get the extensions retaped, then wash their hair after you’ve removed their extensions. Even though Extension Prep Shampoo is quite unique from your client’s daily shampoos, you use it just like you would any other shampoo. 




  1. Apply a small dollop to your client’s hair and scalp. 
  2. Rub in as you would with any daily shampoo
  3. (Focus on the adhesive areas in the hair if you’re reinstalling extensions.) 
  4. Rinse and repeat as needed.


The Perks of Extension Prep Shampoo

  • Washes anything and everything out of your client’s hair:
    • oils
    • residual stickiness if doing a reinstall
    • other product
  • Renews the scalp
  • Cleanses hair so that it is as primed and ready for the best possible tape results


Extension Prep Shampoo does all this in one easy step. Even better still, Extension Prep is totally safe for all hair types, color, and extensions.


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Rinsing Your Client’s Hair Completely


Since anything at all lurking in the hair can affect hold times, a thorough wash is vital. Once the hair is completely washed fresh, your client’s ready for whichever drying process supports your method.


Drying Your Client’s Hair Before Taping in Extensions


After using Extension Prep Shampoo, you’re going to need to make sure the extensions too are dry before the install. As the pro, you know what works best for your client and their extensions. The drying process could be, gently pat-drying with a towel, blow drying, a combo of both, etc. 


Where our advice comes in is just to make sure the hair is totally dry. If damp at all, wet hair can likely lead to weaker tape bonds. This is because the tape will be bonding to the water on the surface of the hair instead of to the hair itself.


Why Your Client’s Hair Needs Extension Prep Shampoo Before the Tape-Ins


What makes Extension Prep Shampoo so special? 


First of all, like we mentioned above, it’s not your client’s everyday shampoo. We’ve specifically made it strong enough to clarify your client’s hair of any other products that might be left over. 


Considering its impressive strength, we only recommend using Extension Prep Shampoo in your salon during their install/reinstall appointments. 


It might be tempting for clients to want to turn it into their everyday choice. After all, if it works best to prep the hair for a bond, they might think it’s the best option while the hair is already bonded. But Extension Prep Shampoo is so unique for its ability to rid the hair of stuff. Over time, with enough washes, Extension Prep Shampoo could weaken the bond of the tape. 


Even if your clients come in with freshly washed hair, it’s most likely that their daily shampoo and other styling products are still in their hair. Extension Prep Shampoo is your insurance that the hair is as ready for a tape bond as it can be before taping in their hair extensions.


How To Prep Hair for Extensions


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