8 Reasons to Trust Stylists with Tape-Ins

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First Things First: This List Just Scratches the Surface


It’s best we admit the limitations of this list right off the bat. When we say eight reasons, read this as at least eight reasons. You, the stylist, make all the difference when it comes to tape-in extensions. So, trying to list every reason why you’re essential to putting them in would be impossible. 


Remember the teenager on YouTube who straight up burned her hair off? Yeah, we rest our case.


Why It’s Essential to Have You, the Stylist, Taping in Your Client’s Extensions


#1: You Know Tape-In Extensions 


But, really, though. There’s a huge difference between watching how-tos and receiving the specialized training needed to hang that cosmetology license on the wall. Plus, there’s the entire network of trainings and conferences only open to the pros in your field. 


You and those in your professional sphere have invested a lot in this skillset. As the rest of this list demonstrates, it’s a service that requires every bit of that knowhow. 


#2: You Bring Hands-On Experience


Let’s say, for the sake of an example, a client of yours tries their hand at taping in their own extensions. They would have that one experience as the sum of their practical training. Plenty of mistakes will be made. 


Let’s even say they try to remove them and reapply them again a month or two later. Even though they’ll have doubled their practice, enough time will have passed to render that first experience meaningless. Can we really gain a skill if we only practice once every two months?


Now, compare that scenario with how many extensions you install within that same timeframe. You have infinitely more hands-on experience with tape-in extensions. Each new client and each returning client gives you further license to the ins and outs of every single step and situation required for the best results.


#3: You Offer Perspective and Awareness


Attempting tape-ins at home means they’d be looking at a mirror reflection of the back of their head. This awkward viewpoint leaves plenty of room for mistakes. But by perspective, we mean both your literal view and your wisdom. Considering how familiar you are with the trade, you catch things that your clients wouldn’t know to even look for.


For example, your clients might try to place heavier extensions on their fine hair when you’d know to use lighter options. Or maybe they’d over-tape a front extension that you’d make look way better using a single-sided tape technique. 


 You are your clients’ source to the tricks of the trade. 


#4: You Consult with Knowledge to Ask the Right Questions


Merging your experience with what you learn about a client makes it possible to come up with the best possible solution. You know which questions to ask for important information about skin chemistry, lifestyle, and climate.


These questions lead you to suggesting the best products to pair with a client’s unique situation.


#5: You Work with the Right Tools for the Job


Your experience gives you a discerning eye about which products work best. Way more so than any client who walks through your door, you know which tape-ins to choose whether it’s winter or summer, wet or dry, etc. 


Plus, there’s also the products that your clients don’t associate with hair extensions. You can show them why certain shampoos prep the hair for extensions better than others, and so on. Also, you have access to product suppliers who can work with you to make custom solutions unavailable to your client elsewhere.  


#6: You Can Help with Tips for Best Results 


Then there’s that big chunk of time between appointments where clients may accidently compromise their extensions’ performance. Outside the salon, you again are their source. In this case, you’re their source for maintenance tips to get the most out of their extensions. 


You can offer them insights into how to properly wash, brush, and sleep in their extensions.


#7: You Save Your Client Money 


This one may seem weird. After all, if they’re paying you for your service, how is that saving them money? We see two answers to this question.


First, your applied expertise helps clients get the most from their extensions. Again, back to the tricks of the trade: you have ways of installing and removing tape-ins that can extend the life of those extensions. Simply put, clients who trust stylists with their tape-ins end up getting way more out of them in the long run.


Secondly, you keep clients from making expensive mistakes themselves. These mistakes often lead them to needing a professional anyway.


#8: You Give Your Client Confidence 


This should be the number one reason. In addition to the extensions themselves, when your clients leave the salon, they enter back into the world with a renewed confidence and excitement. 


Without this service, without building a relationship of trust with their stylists, clients miss out on this experience. They are unsure. They start to ask themselves if what they did looks okay or if it’s obviously an at-home attempt. These questions are sure to rise because they’re missing the reassuring ingredient of expertise that they get under your steady, knowing hands. 


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8 Reasons to Trust Stylists with Tape-Ins

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