The Best Products for Each Hair System Base

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Lace. Polyurethane. Monofilament. High shine or semi-dull or dull. Low-residue VS high residue. Wearing for a few days, or wearing for weeks on end? Using an oil-based remover or an alcohol-based remover? Will that product work with that base? 


When it comes to hair systems, there’s a universe of possibilities to choose from for just about every aspect of the craft. Choosing the right replacement product for your client’s base? It’s one of the bigger decisions to make. 


It can be tricky to figure out, and that’s why Walker Tape® is here to help! Learn what the best products for each hair system base are below. 


Lace Bases


Lace, or mesh depending on the lingo you use, bases are built to be breathable, undetectable, and comfortable for clients to wear. On the other hand, that means that these bases are more thin, more fragile, and more prone to damage than poly or mono-based systems. AKA, the stuff of nightmares for you and your clients. 


That’s why the following dream products should be used for lace/mesh-based hair systems:  


Tapes Adhesives Removers Prep/System Care
Duo-Tac Liqui-Tape Lace Release Top-Loc Knot Sealer
Lace Front Mity-Tite Scalp Protector
Lace Front Thin
This Side to Base


Poly Bases


Poly-based units are much more durable and are stronger compared to their lace and mono siblings. Poly bases come in a legion of different thicknesses, and as such, have a variety of different products that can be used in succession with them.  


To maximize comfort and achieve a strong bond, use these products when bonding poly bases:    

Tapes Adhesives Removers Prep/System Care
1522 Clear Safe Grip Walker Solvent Scalp Protector
Natural Hold Max Hold Sport
Pro-Flex II
Sensi-Tak Select


Mono Bases


Monofilament bases create the illusion that the hair is growing from your client’s scalp. They blend the herculean durability of poly with the cashmere-soft comfort of lace into one hair system base and are built to last longer than the rest of its kind. Furthermore, mono bases are also both breathable and strong. 


The products that work best with mono bases (i.e., products that are strong, comfortable, and effective!) are:   

Tapes Adhesives Removers Prep/System Care
No-Shine Great White C-22 Solvent Max Hold Sport
Signature Tape H2GO (For use on
Great White)


All Bases


While some of our products work best with particular bases, this ensemble of products is meticulously crafted to work for all assorted hair system types. So, feel free to choose: 

Tapes Adhesives Removers Prep/System Care
Duo-Tac Extreme Hold Action Remover Scalp Protector
Extenda-Bond Plus Ultra Hold Adhesive Walker Signature Remover Bond Breaker
German Brown S3 Sensitive Skin Solvent Base Tape
– For repairs, or for stronger tapes on fragile bases
Ultra Hold Tape C-22 Solvent Max Hold Sport
Super Stick Walker Solvent
H2GO Remover
-For water-based adhesives only
Rapid Release
– Solvent Soaks only



Best Products for Each Hair System Base - Infographic


To find all of these amazing products and the best products for each hair system base, visit our website at   


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