Purchasing Hair Extension Products from Walker Tape


Throughout the years we have been asked a lot of questions about how to purchase Walker Tape® products.  We would like to tackle some of them today including:

  • “How can I purchase Hair Extension Products through Walker Tape?”
  • “Why don’t you sell directly to the public?  I would buy tons of stuff from you!”
  • “Can you tell me where I can find a store that sells your products?”
  • “Do you ship to (International Country)?”


“How can I purchase Hair Extension Products through Walker?”

We are structured as a wholesale only company.  As such, we are only able to sell directly to:

  • Certified Hairstylist/Professionals
  • Business or Salon Owners

If you are either of the above, please fill out a Wholesale Application here.

Once you fill out the Wholesale Application you will have full access to our online shop! You will be able to create an account and purchase products from us anytime — day or night!

“Why don’t you sell directly to the public?  I would buy tons of stuff from you!”

We sell wholesale to ensure prices are low and stay low. Packing, shipping, tracking and handling fewer large orders (wholesale) keeps our costs down so retailers that buy from us can keep their prices low as well. Retailers are also better equipped to provide the best hair extension experience to their customers and set themselves apart in the hair extension industry.


“Do you ship to…(Insert Country)?”

Absolutely! We ship all over the world! Prices for international shipping can vary depending on your location and whether the products are flammable or non-flammable but, we’ve created a great guide to help you save money on your purchase.

Customer Service

Your feedback is valued and very important to us. We welcome anyone who is curious about our products to connect with us via e-mail or phone. Our customer service representatives have taken the time to understand the industry, products, and process to ensure that you receive the best answers to your questions!

We also welcome those who are wanting to share their experiences with our products to connect with us on our social media channels: FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest! By sharing your experiences with us (by tagging us in photos or commenting on our wall), you can show off your skills and amazing transformations with an amazing community!  We will always ask for your permission before sharing your images on our social media channels to give you appropriate recognition.

Walker Tape Co. has been producing specialty products in the beauty industry since 1985. We specialize in Wig Attachment and Hair Extension products like Glues, Solvents, and Tapes. We have developed innovative products that are changing the tape in hair extension industry.

If you have any questions about our products or our wholesale process, please feel free to call us at:  1-800-759-5150 or e-mail us at [email protected].

how to purchase Walker Tape® products.

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