The Beautify Bond for Clients Returning to Your Salon 


Why Salons Should Stick to the Beautify Bond


Recently, we introduced what we’ve named the Beautify Bond. To offer a quick recap here, it’s simply our suggested method of working with our products to achieve the best results possible. Our products’ best results are what make up the Beautify Bond. 


While we’ve made all our tapes to hold for four to six weeks, every client is unique. For any number of reasons, there might be one tape that works perfectly for one client, while a totally different tape works better for the next client who sits in your chair.


The Beautify Bond is the ultimate win-win-win in tape-in hair extensions. Stylists win because it offers a tape-in method that’s simple to follow. Your clients win because they can rest more assured that their tape-ins will stay in with fewer failures. Lastly, salons win by keeping their clientele happy and loyal to your service.


The Beautify Bond’s Practical Benefits for Your Business


Using the Beautify Bond secures the strongest bond between the tape and your client’s hair. We take our in-house knowledge of our tapes and offer it to you in a clear, salon-friendly way. 


Try the following Beautify Bond on your returning client base for more successful installs, and fewer failures that need emergency, last-minute bookings. 


Building the Beautify Bond with Returning Clients


The recipe for using the Beautify Bond on returning clients requires the following ingredients:


  • Two removal steps
  • Two preparation steps
  • One install step
  • A few vital tips to send your clients home with


Remove Tape-In Extensions


  • Wear gloves
  • Apply one of our removers where the tape holds to the hair
  • Start by loosening the bond at the middle of the tape


Gloves: Help keep skin oils and dead skin away from the tape, extension wefts, and your client’s hair. If skin oils and cells get between the tape bond, they can affect the tape’s performance. This barrier between you and the products also helps safeguard your hands from irritation after so many rinses and washes. 


Removers: With Beautify, you have a fantastic selection of removers to choose from. We highly recommend No Trace because it works incredibly fast and disappears without leaving any residue behind. 


A Few Remover Tips: We suggest applying the remover over the bonded area, and then working the bond loose at the tape’s middle. Many stylists use “rat-tail” combs to work the bonds loose. Many other stylists also fill a syringe with remover to have pinpoint accuracy and also use the end of the syringe to loosen the bond.


Remove Tape from Extensions



Weft Release: We’ve created a remover specifically for the best results when needing to replace tapes on extensions. It easily removes the tape from the extension, leaving behind a minimal amount of oily residue that washes out easily. 


Extension Prep Shampoo: Works to quickly wipe out any leftover stickiness or product from the extension and its weft.


Prepare Client for Reinstall


  • Wash client’s hair with Extension Prep Shampoo


Extension Prep Shampoo: Just like with the removed extensions, this shampoo cleanses your client’s hair of any product residue that could affect the tape’s hold.


Prepare Tape-Ins for Reinstall


  • Dry off extension wefts after washing them
  • Remove tape tabs from sheet and place onto extension wefts


Dry: You’ll want to make sure all surfaces that you are bonding to are dry before applying tape.


Retaping Extensions: Trying to avoid touching any of the tape’s adhesive, simply remove the tape tab from its backing sheet and press firmly into place onto the weft.


Install Tape-In Extensions


  • Remove tape liner from extension (without touching adhesive)
  • Press tape-in extension to hair near roots
  • Lift hair attached to extension
  • Press tape-in extension to other side (sandwiching client’s bio hair)
  • Apply one second of heat to tape with flat iron
  • Style hair
  • Spray Leave-In Conditioner (well below taped wefts)


The Install: The steps here are identical to the steps we outlined in our Beautify Bond guide to working with first-time clients


Send Client Home with these Vital Maintenance Tips


  • Wait at least 48 hours before washing hair
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners
  • Avoid using conditioner close to tape bond
  • Hold tape bond securely to head while brushing
  • Brush at tips and work slowly up the hair
  • Sleep with hair in a loose ponytail


Maintenance Tips: These tips are also identical to the tips in the above-mentioned Beautify Bond overview post. But as a quick recap, these tips all deal with helping your clients steer clear from accidentally weakening their tape-ins’ performance. 


These tips help clients remember what to do and what to avoid during every-day situations that we often go about unconsciously. Your clients will definitely appreciate these reminders, which can only help the bond between you and them grow stronger!


The Beautify Bond for Returning Clients


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