Scalp Protector – Skin Barrier for Wigs and Toupees


Scalp Protector: Providing a Barrier Between Your Clients & Their Hair System Adhesives


By wigs and toupees, we definitely also mean all alternative hair systems out there. If you’re working with installing hair systems with adhesives, then you absolutely want to be taking advantage of a scalp protector.


For this post specifically, we show how Scalp Protector successfully accomplishes two vital roles:


  1. Helps your client’s skin 
  2. Helps the adhesives attached to your client’s skin


Our Thinnest Protective Barrier for Your Client’s Skin


We suggest using a scalp protector on any client who you are bonding hair systems to. The reason for this blanket suggestion is that Scalp Protector provides a barrier of protection separating the actual adhesives from your client’s skin. From a microscope’s point of view, Scalp Protector looks like a very thin shielding layer.


This microscopic shield helps keep tape or adhesive irritation at bay. Using Scalp Protector can ensure a more comfortable experience for your clients.


While we always encourage it, Scalp Protector is especially important when considering different details about your clients:


  • Do they live in a hot or humid area?
  • Do they have active lifestyles?
  • Do they have oily skin?


Any yes answers to the above questions means Scalp Protector is the product for them. Its protective shielding ability works great in humid climates or on skin prone to oils or sweat.




  1. Clean your client’s skin with 99% Alcohol where tape or adhesive is to be applied.
  2. Apply Scalp Protector directly to the skin, and let dry until it is not tacky to touch.
  3. Avoid applying to irritated skin or skin with open wounds.
  4. Keep in mind, it is not meant to replace tape or adhesive. In fact, it’s meant to increase the tape or adhesive’s bond strength.


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Scalp Protector Also Protects the Tapes & Adhesives


Our Scalp Protector improves the adhesion and duration of bonds. There are a couple of explanations as to how this works.


First of all, we’ve specifically developed its formula to interact with our tapes and adhesives. In the next section below, we dive deeper into how our formula optimizes hold times. 


Secondly, we should consider how weirdly challenging skin is to stick to. We’re talking about a surface that generates its own moisture and oils. Not to mention the fact that skin also naturally regenerates a new top layer often. 


Scalp Protector acts as a shield as well for the tapes and adhesives. It provides a layer that separates the oils and sweat and dead skin cells from weakening the bond. 


How Scalp Protector Works as an Adhesive Booster for Improving Hold Times


We consider our Scalp Protector to be a thoughtfully innovative product. In order to make it, we considered the expectations your clients have after leaving your studio. Plus, we added a dash of our science knowhow to the mix. 


In tape science terms, Scalp Protector can be defined as a primer. There are plenty of tape uses out there that use primers to ensure the best possible tape performance. Here’s how we’ve turned Scalp Protector into a primer for your clients.


We use just the right amount of acrylic-based film former as a key ingredient. The rationale here is that our acrylic and silicone-based adhesives stick really well to acrylic surfaces. This is incredibly important since all our tapes except German Brown are acrylic-based. Then, of course, there are our adhesives. All of those are either acrylic-based, silicone-based, or water-based using an acrylic agent. 


So, Scalp Protector adds a thin skin-safe acrylic film over the skin, and it’s exactly the surface that our products bond to best!


For Even Stronger Options, Consider Max Hold Sport 


Looking for even more protection for your clients? Try our Max Hold Sport. It provides the strongest barrier of protection out of all three of our scalp protectors. Also, Max Hold Sport is perfect for your clients with active lifestyles who want to hit the gym or pool immediately after your appointment. 


That’s right! With Max Hold Sport, your clients can shower, swim, and work out right after the install without having to wait the usual 24 hours. 




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