Have Clients with Sensitive Skin Conditions or Scalp Abrasions?

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What Are Scalp Abrasions? 


Scalp abrasions are damage to the skin’s surface, such as cuts and scrapes. These can be from trauma that can even cause short-term hair loss while the scalp heals. Or they can also be as common as open wounds from rashes or sores caused by various sensitive-skin conditions. 


A few of the more common skin conditions include the following:


  • Acne
  • Fungal Infections
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Dry Skin 
  • Dandruff


How to Prevent Irritating Your Client’s Skin Further


  • Make sure contagious clients see a doctor first
  • Perform a patch test during the consultation
  • Avoid applying product to open wounds


Contagious Clients: First of all, if your clients have skin conditions that are contagious, send them to a doctor before having a consultation. Common contagious issues may include bacterial infections such as impetigo or folliculitis. Or they may be fungal-based infections such as ringworm. Also, there’s always the occasional client who may have a parasite like head lice. 


It’s best to keep these issues far from spreading in your salon or mentioned in reviews about your salon. Sending them to a doctor first can help ensure they get the proper treatments to keep contagions at bay.


Patch Tests: During your initial consultation with clients, make sure to perform patch tests. These help you find out which products work best for that client. Also, maybe most importantly, they help ensure that you avoid irritating their skin conditions even worse. 


  1. Place a small amount of product on an area of sensitive skin (often, just behind the ear works great).
  2. Cover the treated area with a bandage, and send them home.
  3. Have them remove the bandage in 24 hours and check for a reaction. 


Is there any redness or irritation? If so, avoid using that product on that client. 


Has the bond held to the skin? If no irritation occurs and the bond holds secure, you can use the product with confidence.


Open Wounds: Avoid applying tapes and adhesives to open wounds. Instead, work around the wounds to allow them to heal, and opt for the most breathable options listed below. 


Walker Tape Products for Your Clients with Sensitive Skin Conditions


For Clients with Scalp Abrasions, Oily Skin, Heavy Sweating, or Dandruff


  • Extenda-Bond Plus
  • Bond Breaker Shampoo
  • 99% Alcohol
  • Max Hold Sport


Extenda-Bond Plus: When it comes to clients with wounds, oily skin, or heavy sweating, offer them breathable products. For example, Extenda-Bond Plus with a mesh hair system works great for such clients. They are covered in holes that allow the scalp to breathe and a way for oils and sweat to escape. Extenda-Bond Plus often achieves the longest hold times of all our tapes because of this fact. Instead of being compromised by sweat or oil buildup, this tape’s holes give sweat and oil an easy exit. 


Bond Breaker Shampoo: While too strong to recommend for daily use, Bond Breaker Shampoo is the most important way to prepare your client for install. It removes your client’s skin oils and dandruff that could otherwise compromise hold times. 


99% Alcohol: This ever-useful salon product ensures that your client’s skin is as clean as possible before applying adhesive. It helps remove skin oils and also clears away dead skin. 


Max Hold Sport: Our #1 choice for your active clients, Max Hold Sport is vital for achieving reliable holds on those with oily skin or who sweat heavily. 


For Clients Prone to Infections


  • Scalp Protector
  • Safe Grip and Great White
  • H2GO


Scalp Protector: Our Scalp Protector offers a strong barrier between sensitive skin and adhesives. This barrier means great protection for your clients.


Safe Grip and Great White: These water-based adhesives safeguard clients with abrasions against infection. 


H2GO: This is our remover for the above water-based adhesives. H2GO removes them quickly and gently from your client’s sensitive skin.


For Clients Prone to Allergies


  • Hypoallergenic Tapes


Hypoallergenic Tapes: These include all our Daily Wear tapes, Sensi-Tak Select, Lace Front Thin, Lace Front, No-Shine, and Pro-Flex II. Since they’re hypoallergenic, they should be handy for those clients who have had allergic reactions to adhesives in the past.


For Clients With a History of Irritation From Other Products


  • Scalp Protector
  • Medical Grade Tapes
  • Walker Signature Remover


Scalp Protector: As we mentioned above for clients prone to infections, our Scalp Protector provides even better protection for your clients with allergies.


Medical Grade Tapes: We have two fantastic options, 1522 Clear and Pro-Flex II. 1522 Clear is a Daily Wear favorite, and Pro-Flex II is the strongest medical grade tape we’ve ever seen. So, these should cover your spectrum of clients looking for short-term to long-term holds.


Walker Signature Remover: Using an organic formula, Walker Signature Remover is our fastest remover for your clients with sensitive skin. It offers medical grade gentleness for skin prone to irritations.


Have clients with any of the above sensitive skin conditions? Find any of these products for the best price on our online store, and offer your clients a more comfortable, less irritating wear experience today!


Have Client's with Sensitive Skin Conditions or Scalp Abrasions?

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