How To Grow Your Salon Business


Figuring out how to grow your salon can be tough. Bringing in new customers, keeping old customers coming back, gaining visibility, maximizing supply costs, etc.


Luckily, this is where Walker Tape® can help you out!


The guide below will help you learn how to grow your salon business with the best tips and tricks in the industry.


Make Larger Orders Less Often


By ordering bulk, you can save money on our products, and that also includes your shipping costs.


Imagine you are a salon/distributor in Miami, Florida. You order 10 bottles of our 3.4 fl oz. Great White adhesive per month. If you do that for 6 months, you’ll pay a few thousand dollars with shipping.


If you order in bulk, ordering 6 months worth of product (60 bottles of Great White) instead of one month, you can save a couple hundred dollars with shipping. Those hundreds of dollars can amount to almost 7% you are saving on your order, and 7% more money for your salon.


For an international example, imagine you are a salon/distributor in Mumbai, India. Just like the salon/distributor in Florida, you also order 10 bottles of 3.4 fl oz. Great White adhesive per month. The total over a 6 month period will also be a couple thousand dollars.


If you order in bulk, (60 bottles of Great White, or 6 months worth of product), you can get almost 20% in savings on your order, with shipping!


Also, the larger the order, the larger the bulk discount that Walker Tape® offers on your order. So the more you spend, the more you save, such as:


  • $100 – $299 = 5% Discount
  • $300 – $999 = 10% Discount
  • $1000 – $4999 = 13% Discount
  • $5000 + = 15% Discount


By placing larger orders less often, you can save more money to put towards other expenses that will help you grow your salon.


How To Save on Shipping Costs


The secret to saving money on shipping? The more you add in weight, the less you pay in shipping.


When it comes to shipping, price is determined by weight. So while the price tag may be higher for larger orders, the overall price-per-pound cost of the shipping decreases.


Using the previous example, it would cost some dozen dollars to ship 10 bottles of 3.4 fl oz Great White (20 lbs)  for one month. The average price-per-pound shipping would come to around a few dollars.


If you were to order 60 bottles (120 lbs) for one month, The average price-per-pound shipping would come to many cents less than a dollar!


Simply save more money on shipping by buying more products!


Ordering Flammables


Another tip for shipping? Order all of your flammables in one shipment.


Shipping companies charge a flammable shipment fee on all shipments that contain flammable products. So if you have flammables distributed across 4 or 5 shipments, that fee can add up fast!


By ordering all of your flammables in one shipment, you can cut your costs down immensely.


Working With Walker Tape®


The best tip on how to grow your salon business? Work with Walker Tape®.


Walker Tape® has been at the forefront of the hair replacement industry for almost 40 years. We offer wide varieties of tapes, adhesives, removers, prep, and system care products in order to help you best succeed with your salon. Needless to say, we know what we’re talking about.


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