9 Hair Extension Care Tips to Keep You Looking Great

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Many extension wearers are unsure on how to go about taking care of their extensions. Worries can range from ruining the fibers, tearing the weft, and keeping the shine of the hair.


To help you ease your clients fears, and make this process easier to explain to clients, we’ve assembled a list of 9 hair extension tips to help care for your clients extensions.


1) Tell Clients To Wash with Care


Keeping the hair and scalp clean is the best, most reliable way to ensure the longevity of hair extension installations.


Using shampoos made for extensions, and using conditioners like Beautify™ ‘s Leave-In Conditioner at install appointments, will keep your clients scalp free of oily buildup and will help the hair extensions look their best for a lot longer.


Learn more on how to shower with extensions.


2) Remind Clients Not to Sleep with Wet Hair


Sleeping with wet hair, while not only uncomfortable, also causes difficult tangles to develop in the hair extensions.


Be sure to tell clients that their hair should be completely dry before they go to bed, and to tie their hair in a low ponytail before lying down to sleep. Both tips will work to help keep the extensions knot-free.


3) Keep Them Using the Right Styling Product


A good leave-in conditioner, such as Beautify™’s Perfecting Spray for Synthetic Hair, can do wonders for hair extensions, and can be a great product to send home with clients. It helps to get rid of frizz, restore the hair fibers, moisturize, and so much more!


Also, avoid using products containing alcohol, especially for daily styling, as these will dry out both bio hair and the extensions. Dry and brittle hair is more prone to split ends.


4) Encourage Them to Brush Regularly


Good hair extension care hinges on brushing daily.


We recommend using a soft bristle brush. Start at the bottom, detangling near the roots, and gently brush through the hair. This helps oils from the scalp get to the ends of the hair, maintaining an even sheen.


As the stylist, you are the expert, and may have other tips and recommendations to share with your clients regarding the best brush types and techniques.


5) Tell Clients to Use Care Around the Extension Tape


Make sure to educate your clients on how to treat the areas where their extensions connect to their bio hair with care when washing and drying. It is easy to affect the hold of the extension tape during the cleaning process.


Remind them to be cautious with the extensions when drying them, as one bad move can accidentally pull them out, which can be pretty painful!


6) Recommend Staying Away from Heat Tools


Flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers will significantly shorten the lifespan of hair extensions. The excess heat dries them out, making them more brittle and prone to breakage.


It is always best to let hair dry naturally. Extensive exposure to heat can and will wreak havoc on extensions and bio hair as well. If your clients do use heat, tell them about the benefits of a heat protectant.


7) Protect Hair While Exercising


Remind clients, that just like sleeping, always make sure to tie hair up in a ponytail when doing any sort of aerobic exercise. This will reduce the amount of sweat and oil buildup that can damage the extensions.


If your client wants to swim with their extensions, wearing a swimming cap can help to protect from chlorine and salt water. Recommend avoiding long exposure to those elements as well.


8) Store Extensions Properly After Removal


First and foremost, make sure to clean and detangle the extensions before storing them away. Using the care tips above can help your clients keep their extensions in tip-top shape!


Next, get an airtight container that will fit your clients extensions in without folding, crumpling, or damaging them. Ensure that the extensions are completely clean and dry before placing them in the container.


Line them flat in the container. This, along with making sure they are dry, will prevent the extensions from getting moldy and tangled.


9) Consult with Your Clients to Keep Them Looking Their Best


Make sure to consult with your clients regarding their extension care to avoid unintentional damage. You know their hair and the specific extensions they are using, and can give your clients resources on how to properly care for extensions.


We hope these 9 hair extension tips help you and your clients! If you would like to purchase products for hair extensions, become a wholesale customer. If you have any more questions about extension tape or care, leave a comment, or reach out to our Customer Service team at [email protected], or at 800.759.5150


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