What Is the Best Solvent to Remove Tape-In Extensions?


Continuing our series of FAQs, lets tackle another common question:

“What is the best solvent to remove tape in extensions?”

We don’t like blanket statements so we are going to get a little nuance going on in this answer. There are many types of tape and many types of solvent. In addition, there are all sorts of hair types and what people are looking for. We cannot definitively tell you what is best for you and your client, but we can tell you which solvents we recommend based on feedback from thousands of users.

What is the best solvent to remove tape in extensions…For you?

If you use our Duo Pro or No Shine we recommend Extension Release. It is less oily and allows for an easier cleanup with these tapes.

If you use our Pro-Flex II we recommend our Weft Release.  It is a little more oily, but it does a better job at removing our Pro-Flex II tape.

If you use our Lace Front or Ultra Hold, we recommend C-22 Solvent. This solvent will work the fastest for these tapes because it is oil based. Because of this, you will need to wash the client’s hair before re-installing hair extensions.

Finally, if you are using another companies’ tapes we recommend trying each type to see what works best for you and your client.

Keep in mind, if you are a licensed stylist or a salon owner you can always reach out to us for free samples of any product.

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