Is Beautify Extension Tape Waterproof?

Is Beautify Tape Waterproof?

Our short answer: Yes. 


Our long answer: Does this give your clients license to swim and shower with reckless abandon? Nope.


Beautify Extension Tape Is Waterproof, But . . .


Your clients need to understand the importance of waiting at least 48 hours before showering or swimming. Beautify tapes, like all tapes in any industry, keep growing stronger after you apply them. We make our tapes strong enough for your clients to go about the rest of their day without risk of the extensions falling out.


But tapes (again, all tapes) take about three days to reach 100% of their bond strength. After 48 hours, they should be strong enough to handle the extra water weight and harsh environment of a shower. So reminding your clients to wait 48 hours to allow the bond to reach near full strength is crucial to their overall success!


We also recommend that you instruct clients to be wary of over-washing their hair in the shower. Over-washing hair in general is tough on our follicle health. So, this same principle applies to hair extensions. 


Generally, recommending that they should limit washing their hair to two times a week will do the trick.


Your clients also need to know that by waterproof, we mean normal water found in our bathrooms. There’s an important difference between waterproof, saltwater-proof, and chlorine-waterproof.


Both saltwater and chlorine affect our bio hair, extensions, and tape. 


Can Your Clients Go Swimming with Tape-In Hair Extensions?


Our short answer: Yes.


Our long answer: There are certain steps that your clients need to consider beforehand.


Swimming with Tape-Ins: The Best-Case Scenario


If your client wants to swim while wearing their tape-in extensions, the best-case scenario is that they do what they can to keep their hair dry. This can be achieved by sticking to a strict water only-below-the-shoulders policy. 


You’ll likely have plenty of clients who will give you an eye roll to that answer. Then, they may reply with something like “Well, then, that’s not swimming. You’re describing standing or sitting in water.” 


They’re not wrong! A lot of us associate swimming with, well, actually swimming in the water. If your clients would rather glide through the water in the pool or at the beach, there is one more potential best-case scenario.


Encourage them to wear a swim cap.


Swimming with Tape-In Extensions Underwater Without a Swim Cap




For your clients who want to swim underwater without a swim cap, we suggest the following “cautious”-case scenario. 


  • Use Leave-In Conditioner
  • Brush their hair
  • Braid and tie hair up
  • Wet their hair in the shower first


Have them apply Leave-In Conditioner at the ends of their hair, being careful to avoid getting the conditioner too close to the tape near the roots. This can help prevent their hair from tangling.


Then, remind them to brush their hair. To safely do this with extensions, they can press their extensions close to their head while they start from the hair ends and work their way up.


Once they’ve brushed their hair, encourage them to braid and tie their hair up. These suggestions are all to keep the hair from tangling or matting while swimming. 


The last step before they get into the pool or ocean involves wetting their hair in a quick shower first. Since hair soaks up water, it’s best that their hair is pre-soaked with fresh water. Otherwise, their hair will saturate with saltwater or chlorinated water. Both are not good for their hair, extensions, or tape. Pre-soaking with fresh water makes the saltwater and chlorinated water less likely to damage the hair.




It’s simply vital for them to keep in mind that the longer they swim, the worse the saltwater or chlorinated water becomes for their hair. This is true as much for their bio hair as it is for their extensions and the tape holding up their extensions.




  • Untie and unbraid their hair
  • Rinse and shampoo their hair as soon as they can
  • Gently pat dry with towel to help speed up an air dry
  • Use some more Leave-In Conditioner 
  • Brush their hair 


After they finish swimming, it’s crucial that they let their hair down and shampoo it as soon as they can. This will limit the exposure their hair experiences with the salt and pool chemicals. 


After rinsing out the shampoo, remind them to very gently pat dry their hair with a towel. This helps make the air dry process go a little faster. 


We would really only recommend using a blow dryer after their hair is almost already dry. For reference, maybe suggest to your clients to wait until their hair is 80-90% dry. This way, your client’s hair extensions will be exposed to less heat and pulling caused by the blow dryer.


After that, remind them that our Beautify Leave-In Conditioner is their best friend. Have them apply it just like before, on the length of the hair away from the roots. Then, all that’s left is to do a gentle brush, following the same tips as before they got into the water.


Are Beautify Extension Tape's Waterproof?


Stock up on our amazing Leave-In Conditioner today, so you can offer it to your beach- and pool-bound clients!


  1. Robin Griffin on March 31, 2021 at 7:50 am

    Thank was prudent information. I’m going to create a small information tip cards. I live in South Florida and all of my clients tend to swim. Thank you 😊

    • Monique Morrison on May 25, 2021 at 3:08 pm

      So happy that we could help, Robin!

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