Top 15 Male Celebrities, Plugs, Transplant, or Wig?

This is something that I have been dying to research. Have you ever wondered who has been wearing a wig in Hollywood? Who has had a transplant? Or who has gotten plugs done? Here is a list along with pictures, most of them deny having it done, very few celebrities admit to it. Let us know what you think!

1. Ben Affleck-This is and probably always will be an on going debate. People say Ben has been balding forever and was sporting a wig in Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. You can clearly see he has a bald spot, but sporting a short hair cut like that, then get Bieber fever? You tell me.

wig toupee rug transplant  wig toupee plugs male celebs

2. Jeremy Piven-You can clearly tell that there is a major difference in his hair line. There is even the picture of a huge scar running along the back of his head! Piven claims that the scar was from theatrical work. Pshhh, yeah right.

baldin to not transplant plugs wig  hair transplant scar

3. Carrot Top-His hair may have been real back in the good ol’ days, but now it just looks like a really bad clown wig. Opinions?

hair loss wig ginger

4. Axl Rose-Though he has never come out and admitted to it, we are all pretty sure he had a botched transplant. He had fine thin hair before the transplant, and then goes to these ugly corn-rolls. I mean, wait, this is totally believable right?

before transplant failworst hair ever transplant fail

5. Enrique Iglesias-He has had a receding hair line for a long time. He was always wearing hats to try and cover it up and saying it made him look more mysterious. Ha! I have come to the conclusion that he is wearing a wig. And a really good one too. You can tell us Enrique, it’s okay.

hair transplant plugs

6. Nicolas Cage-We all know the truth Cage! Your hairline was running away to the back of your head, and then it magically took back over your forehead. But no, no you didn’t have a transplant at all, right? Well played Cage, well played.

balding to hair transplant plugs

7. Al Pacino-It’s really hard for me to say anything bad about Al Pacino. But, you can tell he is wearing a piece. He clearly has a bald spot one day and it’s gone the next.  Magic happens, maybe?

balding celebs celebrities hair loss

8. Matthew McConaughey-This is one of those cases that is very obvious and everyone knows you had a transplant, but you are still trying to deny having it done. Why, I have proof right here that you were going bald, and then *POOF* you have hair again….strange I don’t remember you owning a genie…


9. Edward Norton-The best photo on the collage is when he is bald. You can clearly see a receding hairline. Now he has a perfectly straight hairline. How did you do it Ed?? How?? Oh that’s right, you had a transplant and will not admit it!

hair transplant movie star

10. Tom Hanks-He has always had a kind of big forehead and not enough hair. But I guess he couldn’t take it all trying to escape to the back of his head. It doesn’t look like he made a HUGE change to his hairline, but there is some filling in that has not always been there. Rogaine? Plugs? Transplant? No idea, but something made his hairline grow.

tom hanks balding

11. Steve Carell- Carell was going bald when he started the series of The Office. It got progressively worse, and then BAM! Hair city. Rumors say it started out as a wig,  but then  worked its way into a transplant. Either way, the funny man looks good with hair!

balding celebs    celebs with new hair

12. John Cryer- It is being said that he has been going bald for a veeeery long time. He was out of the limelight until he got casted on two and a half men. He has been wearing a wig since the series broke out in 2003. Just keep it on Cryer, you look good in a wig.

hair transplant wig toupee plugs

13.Billy Bob Thorton - This has got to be one of my all time favorites! His hair seems to be going backwards from everyone else. The older he gets the more hair he is “growing”.

hair process backward hair transplant

14. Christian Slater-There is a major debate going on with this one. People say his characters hair in “He was a quiet man” is how his hair really looks. Personally it looks real to me, but those Hollywood makeup artists are good.  Here is his before (film), and the after. What do you think?

he was a quiet man   plugs wigs celebs hair

15. Kevin Costner-Costner’s hair style change was not as drastic as some. He did his in a way that didn’t draw a ton of attention to the media. He was missing a patch at his hair line. As you can see, he got a transplant and it looks mighty fine Kevin, mighty fine.

hair transplant plugs wig men hollywood


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9 Responses to Top 15 Male Celebrities, Plugs, Transplant, or Wig?

  1. Kara Lopez says:

    This was so great had me lmao!

    • Keila says:

      I’m dealing with the same thing. I just had a baby 4 monhts ago and my hair falls out like crazy. I’ve asked different people and also asked my doctor and, apparently, there’s nothing you can do about it right now and, that yes, it’s normal and will eventually grow back. I asked if I could use Nioxin products (a line of hair care products made specifically for thinning hair) but they said no, since I was breastfeeding ( I should wait until I stopped). Now, if you’re not breastfeeding, that would probably be a very good option for you. I’ve never heard anything bad about the product and everyone claims it stops hair loss and triggers new growth. If you are breastfeeding, I wouldn’t advise you quit just to use the product. Your child needs that valuable nutrition. If nothing else, just make sure you eat well and get all the nutrients you need and drink plenty of water.

  2. Mark says:

    I have over a hundred wigs now. Wig addict? YES. Funny thing is I’m not bald but I like short hair one day, med,long the next, blond, dark blond and once a while dark. No one in public can tell and I would not care if they did. Wigs are cool if you get a good one bald or not.

    Face it bald guys, you do not look as good bald as you would with hair so stop trying to hide that fact. Get a $300 wig. Forget the under $100 or the over a thousand. $300 is just fine for one nice wig.

  3. randy says:

    Both Afflecks wear wigs. Transplants do not give you the thickness all these guys have. Wigs now are almost undetectable. The smarter actors wear the same wig for every movie. Affleck has worn different hairpieces every time you see a photo of him. He should stop that. Not everyone is that ignorantly stupid. Who cares anyway but don’t be naive. We start losing our hair and never stop.

  4. vinn says:

    I salute Jon Cryer for having the guts to admit it, Its not a sin , its just the way life is so if the hair makes you feel good about yourself…do it…men and women

  5. Fred says:

    O man O man! I am balding too!gotta say that this article gave me hope! heck yeah… no cries anymore I’ll buy Enrique’s wig! XD

  6. Rob says:

    I started getting a receding hairline at 18…then a bald spot at 22…but then both just sort of stopped. Now I’m almost 50, and I have as much hair as I did at 30…go figure?

  7. Hsjsk can says:

    I think the Darren kavinoky look is in. Go bic style and nobody could ever say anything…

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